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Get Rich in the Third Golden Age for
Income Investors
You can double your income by tomorrow, and that’s just the start...

Because before long you’ll be making 53.65% every year, like I do.

It’s a big promise to say you could double your income overnight.

It’s an even bigger promise to say you could soon be making 53.65% every year.

But those are promises I can stand behind.

Because right now some of the safest assets in history are offering you a chance at true wealth.

A chance so rare that it has happened only twice before, first in the early 1920s and then again in the mid-1990s.

This is the beginning of the Third Golden Age for income investors, a small window of
opportunity when one addition to your portfolio can change your life.

I am living proof. In 1994 I picked up a handful of these epic income assets. My dividends
instantly tripled and capital gains took off on a climb that has seldom faltered to this day.

In fact, the stocks I bought during that brief window of opportunity have given me an average
53.65% per year for each of the past 17 years!

Your window of opportunity is
opening... but not for long!

You have the same chance at wealth today as I did in 1994, because the same forces are at work today.

In the tiny universe of reliable high income assets, something important is happening.

A window that has been closed for nearly 20 years is starting to open.

The world’s best companies — the rare few that are rock-solid and growing dividends — are opening profit windows for you.

Amazingly, it’s happening because of the 2008 crash.

The crash sunk nearly every asset price. Then, because of the trillions of government stimulus dollars, companies reduced their debt and built their cash reserves.

Those events simmered and brewed into a “perfect storm” of high yield and high growth potential for you. That “perfect storm” pushed dividends up to their current 7.1%, 8.5% and even 10.4%. And because of their high cash reserves, capital gains are starting to take off:
  • One of these mega-income assets is already 96% since March 2008, an average of 34% per year, compared to a 1.83% loss for the S&P during that time.
  • Another is up 69% for the same time.

  • And these huge returns are for stocks that average 6.2% yield.

It’s like free money!

In all U.S. stock market history, we have seen only three “golden eras” for income investors. First in the 1920s and again 70 years later, in the 1990s.

Investors who made the right moves at the start of those eras watched their money expand into life-changing wealth.

And compared to how long it takes most investors to reach annual returns of 40-50%, it all happened practically overnight.

I still get a thrill every time I open my monthly statement and see how my returns are growing.

Those few assets I bought 17 years ago give me more and more money every year. At this point I’ve made so much that it feels like free money pouring into my accounts.

The same can happen for you.

If you get in now, by this time tomorrow you could be earning double your current income and counting the days till fat dividend checks start arriving in your mailbox, giving you the worry-free income you’ve been missing lately.

Every day you wait, though, the price of entry goes up. As these "power payers" respond to supply/demand conditions, you need to snap these up before the stocks take off again!

Those profits could be going in your pocket, not someone else’s!

The world’s most reliable income.

But profits like this aren’t just for income investors. In this rotten economy with its volatile markets and stalled growth, it’s where every investor needs to be.
  • Returns that give you 11 times the long-term return of bonds and twice the income of the S&P 500.

  • Growth that has beaten the markets by a 13% gain versus the S&P’s 11% loss since the market peak in 2000.

  • Income that averages twice what you’d get in a 10-year Treasury bond — but with the stocks I’ll show you in a moment, you can get plenty of reliable income up to 10.7%.

  • Consistently and relentlessly paying investors since 1950, and it will continue to do so for as long as capitalism is an economic force — and that’s not about to change!

  • And if my 22-year history with this investment is any indication, I can help you earn an average 13.3% return every year, which is what my subscribers’ safe portfolios achieved during that time.

  • Best of all, if you get in now, during the start of the Third Golden Age for income investors, you could launch profits so fast that you could reach up to 53.65% average returns per year in just 24 months!
In fact, the last time you had a buying opportunity this good was 17 years ago. In 1994 market conditions created an opening and I alerted my subscribers in time for them to catch a growth boost that doubled their average income.

You could double your wealth in three years!

Because of that unique buying opportunity, it also doubled their wealth in just three years—and that’s in an income investment.

So let other investors rot away their money in low-yield Treasuries and money market funds that don’t even beat inflation. It’s time to say...


Welcome to the world of 13.3% average annual returns. Give me just give minutes and I’ll show you why now is the best time in more than a decade to jump into this income stream that hasn’t run dry in its 100-plus-year history, and won’t for as long as America keeps the lights on.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Roger Conrad, and in the investment industry I’m known as the “tortoise king.”

I think it’s a compliment, and at any rate I’ll take it as one. It was bestowed because of the steady way I win the investing race.

I’ve been in the investment industry for 27 years, and early on became disillusioned with the gambling mentality of Wall Street.

So I set out to find the surest, steadiest, highest-paying investment possible. I found it, too...

The overlooked outperformer.

What is this humble but steadfast investment I discovered? Essential services. Amazingly, even though more than 100 years of market history prove they outperform everything else for income, safety and growth, most investors overlook the essential services industries. Services like electricity, water and communications. There is nothing more stable, secure, safe and growing.

The world can do without another Starbucks or a faster computer. It can even do without Google and eBay. But even in the worst of times it can’t do without lights, heat or clean drinking water.

That single irrefutable and immutable fact is central to every investment decision I’ve made since 1989, when I started my investment advisory, Utility Forecaster.

Since then essential services stocks have given my subscribers unwavering wealth.

For over 20 years, subscribers have been living well with average annual returns of more than 13.3%.

That’s in the safe portfolio. But even my ultra-conservative high-income portfolio has averaged 10.72% over its 13 years.

And now you’re looking at a buying opportunity so good I haven’t seen its equal since 1994, when skyrocketing demand ran head-on into shrinking supplies, igniting huge share price growth on top of solid yields.

In 2009, the lending market froze up, stocks crashed and the U.S. economy sank into its worst recession in decades. The recession was supposedly behind us in 2010 — but lending stayed frozen, and many companies continued to lower, stop or withhold dividends. Through it all, utilities were the lone bright spot. They kept pumping out profits, paying dividends and holding the line. Now they’re gearing up for what could be the most exciting growth in history as America spends trillions to upgrade its infrastructure.

In a moment I’ll reveal exactly which super-safe essential stocks to buy for big capital gains on top of solid income. First, discover how easy it is to...

Double your income overnight.

Doubling your income without increasing your risk isn’t as hard as you’ve been led to believe.

Instead of $25,000 a year you could be earning $50,000—on the same size portfolio!

In fact, you could start earning double your current income as soon as tomorrow in utility stocks so stable that they’ve paid and raised dividends nearly every year for a quarter of a century or more.
  • One stock in my Utility Forecaster portfolio yields 6.7% today, and has raised dividends 27 times in the last ten years alone. Since I first recommended the stock in 2004 it has given subscribers total returns of 150.8%.
  • Another has filled my subscribers’ pockets with a wealth-making 34% average per year for the past 16 years, which is exactly what these special income machines are supposed to do. You might think there’s no growth left in this old workhorse, but in the last five years dividends have gone up nine times, for a total 86% increase in income. And right now share price is taking off on another leg higher, so jump on this one fast!
  • A third has paid dividends since 1939. But let’s say you bought this legacy stock “recently,” in 1985. You’d be collecting average compound returns of 21% every year. Don’t let this stock’s age fool you, because it still performs like a youngster, raising dividends by an average 11% over the past five years and scoring 40% capital gains in the past year alone!

  • Recent quarterly earnings are up 32% over a year ago. I recommended the stock to subscribers 81 months ago and we’ve already made 200.4%.
You may notice too that each of those stocks paid and raised dividends right through the market crash of 2000, the energy slump of 2002 and the 2007-2009 recession. Just like an endless stream of income should.

Buy stocks? Now? Are you kidding?

Investors ask me all the time if it’s prudent to buy stocks in this whipsaw economy. The answer is an absolute, unconditional, pure and simple yes! And not just for their potential to give you profits five years from now—it’s time right now to double your income!

Just by elimination, where else is your money safe, growing and paying you income? Not in Treasury bonds. Their yields are at their lowest in history. Banks and hedge funds and even some countries are collapsing. Corporate bonds are riddled with default potential, CDs and money market funds barely keep up with inflation and most stock sectors are in the tank.

And so it’s a good thing utilities like power generation, water distribution and communications are performing! In fact, over the past three months utilities is the only industry that racked up positive gains for each of its component sectors!

No wonder my subscribers aren’t the only ones loading up on select utilities....

Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn are buying.
You should, too.

When the world’s best investors buy what you’re buying, it’s always a good sign. So when Warren Buffett and his pal Bill Gates flew into Gillette, Wyoming, in November 2010, I decided to find out what they were up to.

A little Wyoming newspaper spilled the beans — the dynamic duo was in town to visit a coal mine. A coal mine owned by a large utility company…

A few months later, in March 2011, Buffett revealed in his famous Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder letter that he’s bucking for a major acquisition in 2011.

The smart money is betting that Warren is buying more electricity- and energy-related holdings.

They’re not the only ones, either. Super-investor Carl Icahn just increased his shares in one natural gas producer by 25%, making it his fourth-largest holding. Plus he’s been loudly trying to buy power company Dynergy lately.

I have a few new stock ideas I have a hunch they’d both be interested in — way undervalued, with above-average yield, and solid histories of earnings and dividend growth. Even better, they’re in a sector that is pivotal to global growth and priced to soar, launching you out of losses and all the way to spectacular returns.

Buy these stocks today and you could already be earning double your current income by tomorrow and set yourself up for some of the biggest capital gains you’ve ever had.

Where to start: The best utilities to buy today.

If you’re going to go for the safety and predictable income of my top recommended utility stocks, you might as well take advantage of major trends gaining strength today for capital gains, too.

Because not only will these essential services stocks keep your income steady during these dangerous economic times. And not only could they be the first to soar out of recessionary times, as they traditionally do. Layer those strengths on top of accelerating trends and your total returns could outstrip the wind!

Even while the economy struggles to get back on its feet, unstoppable trends are gaining force. You’re standing at the threshold to the future, the intersection where the world’s dwindling resources crashes into its growing need for water, power and instantaneous global communications.

More than ever before, the companies that fail to introduce or adopt new technologies will wither and die. But companies that lead the way with solutions to our need for clean, plentiful, renewable, inexpensive technology and services will dominate.

Invest in those companies and you’ll be tapping into a stream of income that will last for at least another generation.

A few companies are already in the lead. Their technologies and vision are far ahead, and others will have a hard time catching up.

With the same amount of money you have invested today put into the stocks you’re about to discover, you could potentially double your current income.

Endless Income Stream #1
First you profited from the oil wars; now there’s something bigger…

Mark Twain predicted our global water crisis more than 100 years ago when he famously said, “Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting over.” Scarce even then, it’s in critically short supply now — and getting worse.

Plus the scarcer water becomes, the more valuable your investments will be.

One water stock in my Utility Forecaster portfolio has paid dividends for 60 straight years, increasing the payout 20 times in the last 19 years. Because of its super-sized dividends, my subscribers have made an additional 10% per year more than they would have on share growth alone... for a wealth-making 42% average per year for the last 16 years, instead of the 31% average they’d get without dividends..

That’s on top of dividend payouts that are some of the biggest and steadiest you’ll ever find.

Now a crisis opportunity means even bigger profits for you.

More than 400 million cubic meters of groundwater are pulled from Arizona aquifers every year, twice what’s being replaced by rainfall. That’s just one microcosmic example of what’s going on all over America…and the world.

“The biggest deal of my life.”

Warren Buffett is an early water investor. So is T. Boone Pickens, who says his “water deal has the potential to be the biggest deal of my life.”

This income superstar pays out only 64% of its earnings as dividends... which means a nice income stream for you and plenty of money remaining in the company’s coffer to fund continued growth. It’s win-win: good income now, and growth like this should mean even better earnings and dividends for you down the road!

One of its surprising innovations is that the company has the second largest solar power farm in the state. That not only makes it a good environmental system, it saves the company the equivalent of 3,000 barrels of oil and 1.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide. It sells the power to a local electric company.

Everything you need to know is in a new special report I just released exclusively for my Utility Forecaster subscribers. Get it today and you’ll discover how to make a wise investment in this company. Plus you’ll learn about the whole water industry and other water stocks both to watch and stay away from as the sector becomes a must-own for every investor.

The report is called Liquid Gold Rush, and it’s yours FREE when you take a no-obligation trial subscription to Utility Forecaster, the newsletter that investors call “the one and only financial report” they trust.

You can get the report and the whole Utility Forecaster portfolio of top recommendations right now.

But first, there are two other industries that are at a critical point in history where old technologies are fading away and new technologies are creating new global leaders, and I want to make sure you have the opportunity to jump in for big gains.

One of those industries is electric power, and future leaders must be as good at generating clean power as they are at creating shareholder value…

Endless Income Stream #2
Powering China and your portfolio.

The world’s urgent need for more fuel and electricity is colliding head-on with the new mandate to preserve the environment. And only the companies that can balance both needs—and do it effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently—will thrive.

Which is exactly what this leading-edge company, founded in 1901, is doing.

They’re one of the world’s oldest, most reliable power producers/distributors. Their long-established power contracts fuel a steady stream of cash payouts to you from that ongoing business. Now their reach spreads from India’s western border to China’s far north, and all the way to Australia.

Already the company is the largest electricity industry foreign investor in Australia, India and China. In China alone they have more than 40 power projects and a combined gross capacity of nearly 19,000 megawatts.

And they recently more than doubled its Australian customer base and boosted its power generation capacity there by nearly 80% when it picked up Australian power assets for a song.

Buy now, while this one’s cheap.

All those projects are good reasons why they’ve beaten the Dow in just about every time period over the past 10 years. Their stock is climbing steadily from its 2008 low, and is on track to keep growing for many years to come.

Yet even with that growth the stock still trades at less than $10 today, and trading volume is so low that I’m amazed so few investors have found this hidden gem.

It’s not often you find a stable income investment that also gets a hefty capital gains kick from China’s growth. Not to mention one that mows right through downturns.

This is definitely one of the few there are. And it’s definitely one that you’ll want to put in your portfolio now, while it’s cheap, and let it fuel your income and your wealth for years to come as the company’s profits flow in from their expanding world-wide operations.

You’ll discover this future multinational, along with more stocks that are branching out to control the globe’s demanding utility needs, in another special report, Powering China. And it’s yours free when you subscribe to my Utility Forecaster.

Chances are you’ve never heard of most of the stocks in this report. Most don’t do business in the U.S., and some are only now expanding out of their home regions.

But every one of them has potential to be a future global leader, and they all trade on U.S. exchanges so you can easily buy and sell.

The same is true of the third must-own industry you need to know about. And this one is…

Endless Income Stream #3
A “game changer.”

Every now and then a company comes along that not only changes the rules of the game, it changes the game itself. Think Microsoft, eBay, Wal-Mart.

The world of communications is about to experience another game change, and it’s going to hit you right at home.

Your phone service carrier is entering the entertainment business by offering live TV programming and downloading of just about anything you want, right over your computer, as part of your phone and broadband service package.

Meanwhile, as part of your wireless package you’ll get the same media choices over your cell phone. And if you think it’s far-fetched that anyone would want movies or TV on their cell phone, you don’t have a teenager!

Internet protocol television (IPTV) already has 28 million subscribers, and is expected to jump 264% by 2014. The global downturn made barely a ripple in the growth of Internet television, thanks in part to Asia’s strong growth performance.

A battle is brewing between the world’s biggest carriers to see who will own the space. Two will win.

Both are undervalued today, but one is an especially good buy, and I expect its stock to shoot up 150% in the next five years as it leaps ahead in subscriber numbers.

You don’t get chances like this very often. One of the world’s most stable companies, with plenty of free cash flow to pay out four times a year in hefty checks to shareholders.

The stock is off its high, giving you a perfect buying opportunity. Get in now and enjoy the income, but hold on tight for the growth ahead!

You’ll discover the name of this stock in my special report, Broadband Billions.

The special report, along with Liquid Gold Rush and Powering China, is FREE with your subscription to Utility Forecaster.

Discover why Utility Forecaster has one
of the highest renewal rates in the business.

You’re invited to join the most satisfied investors in the country... probably in the whole world.

And why wouldn’t they be satisfied—I defy any other newsletter to claim a record of 5.02% average yields, and 13.3% average total returns for over 20 profitable years.

The investments you discover in Utility Forecaster are legacy investments. You’ll earn income from them today while they work behind the scenes to build your wealth with capital gains, until you’ve created a fortune to spend or to pass on to your children.

I still have subscribers who have been with me since the first issue in 1989. Others have passed the Utility Forecaster legacy to their children, like Professor Lief Carter’s father.

Professor Carter says, “My father told me, ‘There is only one investment newsletter that I find useful and I urge you to continue reading, and that’s Utility Forecaster.’ I have been reading—and profiting from—Utility Forecaster ever since.”

Others, like Richard Bennet of El Cajon, California, say, “Utility Forecaster has been the keystone in my investment program, enabling me to comfortably retire early.”

And John D. MacLachlan says I am “one of the few PROFESSIONAL investment grade advisors in North America, and possibly well beyond these shores.”

Utility Forecaster has been called “the nation’s leading advisory” on utilities, and I’ve been called “one of the top independent analysts of the essential services industry.”

But my best reward is the success of subscribers.

And so whether you’re retired now or saving for retirement, whether you want extra income to pay for a vacation or to build a legacy for your children, Utility Forecaster is your best way to achieve your goals.

Everything you need to
create an endless stream of income.

Join us today and you’ll always be ensured...
  • The best combination of safety and high yield. Nothing outperforms utility stocks when it comes to steady income. And within that category I give you the best of the best —utility stocks that have averaged 5.02% yield and 13.3% returns for over 20 straight years.
  • The best combination of income and growth. You get four model portfolios so you can choose stocks according to your comfort level, from conservative income to aggressive (higher-yield) income, and from conservative growth to aggressive (but never high-risk) growth utility stocks.
  • Detailed ratings on nearly every utility in the U.S. If you ever find a new utility and want to know how it rates, just look it up on my list of “How They Rate.” If you don’t find it among those 200+ stocks, let me know and I’ll see if it’s a worthy addition to the recommendations. I always read your emails or letters.
  • Detailed ratings on the best utilities from around the world. In our global community you can’t afford to ignore investments from outside the U.S., so you’ll know how the best non-U.S. utilities rate, too.
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  • Utility & Income Premium. Many subscribers like their weekly emails just as much as their monthly edition. They’re timely and keep you right on top of important news.
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All the above benefits, including all three special reports, are yours for a surprisingly low price.

“Test drive” Utility Forecaster for 12 months — for only $99!

I would be honored to have you as a subscriber. And I’m confident that I can help you achieve an endless stream of income, double what you’re getting today.

You can have everything you need to achieve that goal, which includes everything on the lengthy list above, for just $99.

What's more, if you ever decide you don't want to subscribe any longer, just cancel any time in the first 90 days and I will give you a full refund.

There’s simply no way to lose — you either achieve the highest, safest income you’ve ever had, or you get your $99 back.

Or save even more—24 months for only $179!

A money-wise choice would be to try Utility Forecaster for 24 months and save an extra 10%.

You’ll get the same guarantee: Even if you decide your 24-month subscription to Utility Forecaster isn’t for you, cancel any time in the first 90 days and I will give you a full refund.

Plus, making a 24-month subscription even a more money-wise decision, you can have three additional money-making special reports...

Fuels of the Future. Soaring oil and natural gas prices make “alternative” energy anything but alternative. This report separates the hope from the hype, and tells you which companies will dominate the energy market sooner than you think.

5 Bounceback Stocks. Crushed in the wake of Three Mile Island 25 years ago, General Public Utilities (GPU) soared twentyfold in the next ten years. In the late ‘90s energy trading crushed more than just Enron, but today the five companies you’ll discover in this report could repeat GPU’s rise from ashes.

Old School Stars: 5 Unstoppable Back-to-Basics Utility Stocks. These super-safe high yielders are still growing, and between dividends and capital gains the five stocks in this report could give you 100% in the next 3-5 years. But remember, that’s based on today’s super bargain prices, which means buying soon is imperative!

A guarantee with teeth:
If you don’t like Utility Forecaster, I’ll pay you!

Twenty-two years of ever-wealthier subscribers tells me that you will thank the day you subscribed to Utility Forecaster.

But I understand that you might have reservations. And so I’ll give you a guarantee that would bankrupt me if subscribers actually didn’t profit:

If you decide in the first 90 days of your subscription that you don't want to subscribe any longer, I will give you a full refund.

For over 20 years Utility Forecaster has given subscribers average annual returns of 13.3% in my safe model portfolio. And even my ultra-safest-of-the-safe portfolio has averaged 10.72% over its 13-year history.

These are real returns made by real investors like you. And investors like Edwin Kaufman of Calabasas, California, who says that over the years Utility Forecaster “has been the one and only financial report that I trust.”

Quite simply, there is no other investment that can give you a steadier stream of income plus growth, either in the short run or the long run.

Today you could change your life. You could double your income, enrich your retirement, create wealth for your children.

And to get started, all you have to do is click here.

I guarantee it will be one of the most profitable decisions you ever make.


Roger Conrad
Roger Conrad
Chief Investment Strategist, Utility Forecaster

P.S. The last time I saw a buying opportunity this good was in 1994, when utility share prices were low, yields were high and growth was set to explode. Don’t let this once-a-decade chance for tremendous wealth pass you buy. Please subscribe today to discover the new utility superstars.

P.S.S. To speed your decision I’ll throw in another valuable special report, High Yield Without High Risk: 3 Stocks Every Income Investor Must Own. The highest-yielding stocks usually end up giving the worst returns, but there are a few that you can count on. Three, to be exact. These stocks will give you super-high yield, but they won’t burn you. Subscribe in the next 10 days to get their names for FREE!